Interview with The Metal Review

Our drummer Ash recently did an interview with The Metal Review after their review of ‘Aggressor’ – here it is:


You can also buy an ‘Aggressor’ T shirt here:


In other news, the LINKS section has been updated with all of our social media and streaming links

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Review & new material

Website updates have been thin on the ground recently, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy!


‘Aggressor’ recently received a great review from The Metal Review:


Besieged were formed back in 2012 in Birmingham and they have some prominent members that some old school bangers may recognise. Featuring Dan Rose (Anaal Nathrakh), Ashley Guest (Benediction) and Matt Ensor (Shebrew) and the founding members Jez and Barney, Besieged are on a warpath to annihilate the rumours that the UK extreme metal scene is dead!

Besieged are definitely one of the fiercest, brutal, Death/Thrash band I’ve heard in a long time. The 6 track EP is entitled Aggressor, and I kid you not, if you are a fan of hardened Death/Thrash with blistering riffs, high velocity drumming, aggressive vocals smashed in to your ears, then you’re going to love this! Guaranteed 100% pure eargasm. Imagine such classic thrash albums as Pleasure to Kill, but heavier, Fabulous Disaster, but faster, or Destruction’s Infernal Overkill but more technical, or dare I even compare to Slayer’s Hell Awaits? Yet more aggressive! Combine the classics of death and thrash genre, pick out all the awesome aspects smash it into one pot and add some British spirit and then you have Besieged – Aggressor EP.

I must order a copy for the car. Simply amazingly brutal EP that I’ve been waiting for, for a long long time. Now that Bolt Thrower have sadly retired, Besieged are my favourites to take the UK extreme title and fly the flag.

The Metal Review can be found here:

Aggressor can be bought (and Parasite God can be downloaded for free) here:


In other news, the material for the next record – which will be a full length album – is mostly written; lyrics are nearing completion too. It promises to be even more aggressive and accomplished than the previous two records – stay tuned for a blistering thrash punch to the face.

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It’s been a long time coming, but here it is: ‘Aggressor’ has finally been released. It is available to listen to and buy on our new BandCamp site (‘Parasite God’ is also available as a free download). It’s priced at a stupidly cheap £3.00 – yes, that’s a whole three quid for 6 quality, professional tracks of uncompromising post-apocalyptic thrash metal. For less than the cost of a pint, you can own a digital download (including cover art, lyrics, and liner notes) of the best thrash EP released this year.

Let us know what you think of it on our Facebook page

You’ll also notice that we’ve uploaded some photos taken on a recent Urban Exploration trip by Tony Gaskin of Stagedive Photography.

Live shows are also imminent – we have officially brought Matt (of Shebrew fame) into the fold on bass, and will be hitting the road in the very near future.

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Recording of 'Aggressor' finally complete

It’s been quiet in the Besieged camp recently, but that’s because we’ve been hard at work nailing down all the parts for the forthcoming EP ‘Aggressor’; as of earlier today, all parts are recorded and the record is heading into the mixing & mastering stage. Stay tuned for a release date – we expect the Aggressor to be unleashed on you sometime in the next month or two.


Prepare yourself.

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Recording of new EP 'Aggressor' begins

On Saturday, Ash entered the legendary Endless Studios and recorded all the drum parts for the next Besieged record – ‘Aggressor’. Featuring a total of 6 tracks of pure heads-down thrash, so far the record sounds like the end of the world approaching at high speed; you have been warned!

Jez is at the production helm as usual, so expect a big, heavy, aggressive sound.

Jez is also due to start laying down his guitar parts in the next couple of weeks or so, so we’re hoping that we’ll be able to get the EP finished, mixed, mastered, and packaged before the year is out.

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The lyrics for the Parasite God demo are now available on the Lyrics page; have a read to get a feel for the underlying theme of misguided religious fervor.

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Besieged Feature On ThrashHead Digital Album

Back in October 2012, Besieged featured on ThrashHead’s FREE Gallery Of Rogues 2: A Witching Hour’s Test Of The First Amendment digital album. The track ‘Parasite God’ was chosen to sit alongside a variety of other thrash bands; check it out – 46 tracks for zero cost!

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Besieged’s Official Mascot – The Aggressor

Besieged are currently working on their forthcoming EP, entitled ‘Aggressor’; the artwork for the EP (brought to life by Tawdry Piffle) can be seen in the background of this website, featuring Besieged’s post-apocalyptic super-soldier mascot character of the same name.

The Aggressor can also be found on Barney’s arm (tattoo by Jim Aitken):

Barney's Aggressor Tattoo

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Parasite God (demo) – FREE Download

Just a reminder that Besieged’s demo ‘Parasite God’ is available for download completely free of charge on the Media page; the package includes cover art. You can also listen to it on the media player in the sidebar. Feel free to leave a comment to let us know what you think!

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New Website

Welcome to the new Besieged website. Stay tuned as more content is added.

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